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Today it might be described as nostalgia, but it certainly is 'NOT' a thing of the past.


A Review from Stamford Arts Theatre 

Friday 23rd November 2018

You may be surprised to know that the Settlers are back together......not The Spinners or The Seekers....The Settlers.. . from the late 60s and 70s. All you might think would struggle in 2018. The Settlers played Stamford Arts Centre on Friday night and proved quite the opposite. They finished off their great set with their biggest hit 'The Lightning Tree' inviting me to make the rather crass point about lightening striking twice. But it actually has. Their reinvention is a triumph. Their set was a mixture of pop/folk hits American and English folk. If anyone bought a folk song book in the 60s they would recognise all the tunes. Rod Stewart has done his highly successful Americana album but the Settlers are more authentic. They sound great. Patty’s beautiful English folk voice sounds ...well...imagine the quintessential female folksy voice as clear as a bell and full of character. Coupled with their nicely crafted harmonies ....the result is a live sound that is very English very folky....but more importantly... and this may surprise some people.... it sounds more contemporary given the upsurge of folk... The Settlers are authentic.. In the cellar bar after the gig I spoke to a couple of the audience who were worried that The Settlers might not have aged well...and might be a know.. naff. Not at all they assured me...which I already knew of course... they were impressed to see members of the band in the bar ! Not a surprise to me though. As not only does their musicality impress on stage but so do their personalities. Easy relaxed...a bit of banter amongst themselves and with the audience . They come over as a team and enjoy taking the 'Mickey' out of each other. In some ways the ordinariness of their banter....they can come across as a group of old friends meeting up every so in great contrast to the extraordinariness of their well crafted sound. Don't make the mistake of underestimating The Settlers. The crowd at the Stamford Arts Centre got their monies worth....10 pounds or 8 if you're over 60. They probably sold more 8 pound tickets for sure but they all came away knowing a well kept secret...The Settlers of all the pop folk bands back in the day... have survived and are better than ever. If there has ever been a song better named than the lightning tree or at least the word lightning to describe the re emergence of this folk pop phenomena I cant think of one. The Settlers ladies and gentlemen wearing their matching jackets show the world that they are still in touch with the Rhythm of Life.

Steve Harrison     Independent Producer / Musician

Steve, Patty, Dave and Tony 2018


In the 1960's, the group were initially known as the Birmingham Folk Four, becoming The Settlers after their first single, "Settle Down". Then came 'The Lightning Tree' , famous as the theme tune for TV's 'Folly Foot Farm' The group went through a short transitional period in 1975, experimenting with an electric sound. Audiences preferred the original sound, so Steve and Patty were asked to join Mike Jones to return The Settlers to their original, acoustic, close harmony, melodic style

Mike, Cindy and John mid 60's


Mike, Steve and Patty mid 70's


The Settlers Legacy

A potted history of Britain's best loved Pop/Folk Group.  The sound track is Steve, Patty and Mike from the 70's

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After The Settlers split in 1980's

Steve and Patty went on to work with many of the worlds biggest stars of stage and screen. Glen Campbell, Lonnie Donegan, Johnny Cash, Don Everly, Johnny Tillotson, Lulu and so many more. Appearing on television, radio and records world wide

BBC Television after The Settlers

Steve and Patty appeared on Television and Radio in many different guises, or should we say 'Disguises'

Steve and Patty at Snape Maltings            for BBC TV

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