The Fabulous Sound of The Settlers is Back

British Pop/Folk music has delighted audiences all around the world.

And now it's back

 Today it might be described as nostalgia, but it certainly is 'NOT' a thing of the past.

Steve, Patty, Dave and Tony 2018

In the 1960's, the group were initially known as the Birmingham Folk Four, becoming The Settlers after their first single, "Settle Down". Then came 'The Lightning Tree' , famous as the theme tune for TV's 'Folly Foot Farm' The group went through a short transitional period in 1975, experimenting with an electric sound. Audiences preferred the original sound, so Steve and Patty were asked to join Mike Jones to return The Settlers to their original, acoustic, close harmony, melodic style

Mike, Cindy and John mid 60's

Mike, Steve and Patty mid 70's

The Settlers Legacy

A potted history of Britain's best loved Pop/Folk Group.  The sound track is Steve, Patty and Mike from the 70's

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About Us

After The Settlers split in 1980's

Steve and Patty went on to work with many of the worlds biggest stars of stage and screen. Glen Campbell, Lonnie Donegan, Johnny Cash, Don Everly, Johnny Tillotson, Lulu and so many more. Appearing on television, radio and records world wide

BBC Television after The Settlers

Steve and Patty appeared on Television and Radio in many different guises, or should we say 'Disguises'

Steve and Patty at Snape Maltings for BBC TV

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